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Internationally active test house: SW & HW development for testing technology - EUR 1.25 million
As a test house of the highest quality, the company offers a very comprehensive service in the field of test engineering, which includes consulting for the respective customer, creation of an optimal test concept, design of necessary test devices (adaptors), software and hardware development for test engineering, delivery, commissioning and support. The company supplies turnkey projects for the quality control of electronic assemblies. There is potential for the further expansion of the European and international market. Sales category: EUR 1.5 - 2 million; profit > 12 %; purchase price: EUR 1.25 million

Projektnummer: 18505

Poland: Profitable office supply trading company with expandable B2B online platform - 1.4 m EUR
For sale is a well established profitable trading company with office supply materials located in 2 Polish cities. Consumers and retailers may order online by a professional web trade platform office supplies, computer accessories and office equipment from well-known producers. Very good customner base. The high logistics efficiency allows customer services for companies with even hundreds of branches throughout the whole country. 19 employees generate sales of approx. 3 m EUR. Sales price: 1.4 m EUR

Projektnummer: 18504

Methanol electricity supplier - EUR 10 million
Financing of the now-to-be-built mass production of proven environmentally friendly mini-power plants. A very profitable and ethically valuable investment in an ecological milestone. M. AG is the first electricity supplier that no longer produces electricity in large, centralized power plants but in thousands of miniature power plants. M. AG produces methanol from electricity and later the reconversion back into electricity. The fuel methanol (for example, instead of fuel oil) can be stored and distributed via the already established logistics channels. The newly developed mini-power plant then converts methanol back into electricity at the consumer. The company offers low noise and completely remote controlled mini power plants. Good order book! The liquid methanol is also stable and can be stored for hundreds of years. M. AG's energy system offers considerable advantages and replaces cost-effectively all (at least 14) fuels in use. Required capital: According to business plan, a total volume of about 65 million EUR. To date, almost EUR 30 million of shares have been bought by private investors, mainly from the German-speaking region. The company now needs in the next step another EUR 10 million. Minimum participation: from EUR 250,000 onwards Use of funds: mainly for the financing of the mass production of mini-power plants now to be established. Planned turnover 2025: 185 million EUR Planned EBIT 2025: 27 million EUR.

Projektnummer: 18486

Low Emission Bus (patented) - equity partner for series production - 5 m EUR
For this international low-emission bus project with development in EU and CAN, ideally an industry partner is sought to acquire a minority stake and equity to finance the entry into industrial series production. Turnover: 12 m EUR; EBITDA: 2 m EUR. Turnover goal > 100 m EUR in 2021. Equity required: 5 m EUR (from 500 k EUR on)

Projektnummer: 17477

Mobile Device Company with Focus on eInk Devices, Tablets, Smartphones and Smartwatches > 100.000 - 5 m EUR/CHF/USD
Strong Growth Financing: The European technology company with representation in the USA, Germany and China develops and delivers customized IT device solutions for industrial and retail clients based on universal product platforms (Android/Linux/Windows). The ultra-modern e-ink devices have several unique features and adapt flexibly to various equipment solutions. Despite professional production in China the core technology remains in the company. Custom tailored devices will be produced starting at only 1'000 pieces OEM / ODM with customer logo. Professional management is preparing a trade sale within 3 years. The Company is open to minority or majority investments in the form of equity, debt or convertible debt starting from 100,000 EUR/CHF/USD. EBITDA 2019 (exp.) > 25%.

Projektnummer: 13424

"SAFER" Digital Country: GIS - Unique software technology for agriculture and forestry – FAO recommended - Worldwide rollout > 5 m EUR
After many years of development the unique software technology for a universal Geo Information System (GIS) for global agriculture and forestry, food trade, food industry, cooperatives, etc. and for the management of environment, natural resources and risks will now start global distribution. FAO recommend this product which is based on an own geographic information system and offer solutions for individual customers, regions and entire countries. A cooperation with Microsoft enables the global integration of orthophotos (Bing Maps). The extensively funded development work is mostly completed. Currently, the focus is on offering solutions for entire states, which in turn can sublicense the system. Soil, environmental and climate analyzes lead to targeted land use and afforestation, detect "polluters" and provide all the tools needed to sustainably contribute to a - global - improvement of the environment. Investment volume > 5 m EUR

Projektnummer: 11407

Mineral water companies in Spain - 104,1 m EUR
Accompanied by an international consortium several independent mineral water companies and wells are for sale as a whole or in parts available in Spain. "Total package" for EUR 104.1 million, of which most interesting 2 bottled water manufacturers with established brands and unlimited water withdrawal right (!) are for sale for EUR 37.7 million. These certified high-quality sales objects have, i.a., suitability for baby food or medicinal water. Unique possibility to invest in the future mega market "water". 2 mineral water bottling plants + 2 top national brands + 5 wells are sold for 37.7 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 07239

Highly Profitable Outdoor Wellness Pool Retailer + E-Commerce and with Own Brand - EUR 8.5 million
On hold: Exceptionally dynamic, highly profitable mail order company for outdoor wellness pools with its own strong brand is up for sale. Within a short period of time, the young company has achieved considerable increases in turnover and earnings. In Germany, sales of wellness pools more than doubled in 2017 compared to the previous year. In 2018 an increase of approx. 25% was achieved. Further high increases in the German market are expected in the coming years. Market expansion in Europe: In the next stage, further significant increases in sales and earnings will be achieved by entering the dynamically growing European market. The owner has introduced a sophisticated growth-generating sales system. The company's convenient location offers ideal conditions for logistics, including Europe-wide logistics. Particularly interesting for wellness pool manufacturers who want to build up or expand sales in the European market. This can be done with their own brand as well as with a two-brand strategy. Customers receive professional advice and technical service via a flagship store, while orders are largely placed via the online webshop. Growth in 2018: approx. 25 %. Sales volume: > EUR 4-6 million EBITDA 2018: > EUR 1,000,000 Purchase price: 7.6 x EBITDA 2018

Projektnummer: 17472

Special machinery Southern Germany - 2.8 m EUR
Profitable Special machinery company for niche products in Southern Germany for sale: 2.8 m EUR

Projektnummer: 16467

Online trade heating, plumbing, installation - Participation 1 m EUR
In a very short time, the company has developed from a small start-up to a sales volume of about 7 million EUR in 2018. Further significant growth is planned and appropriate measures have been initiated and are being implemented on an ongoing basis. To realize further growth, the company needs growth capital against loans. The owner is also willing to offer a minority interest of e.g. 20% for 500,000 EUR in combination with an additional loan. Year of foundation: 2010; about 20 employees; Sales volume: 2018: ca. 7 million EUR, 2019 planned: approx. 8.5 million EUR. Customer segments: a) Private customers approx. 90% with an estimated turnover share of approx. 70%. b) Business customers approx. 10% with an estimated turnover share of approx. 30%. Customers: > 250,000 customers

Projektnummer: 17474


Building Cleaning - Facility Management > 10 M EUR
A company or group of companies in the field of building cleaning and/or facility management with a turnover volume of EUR 10 million or more in German-speaking countries is required. The investor is a serious international fund that - if necessary together with the seller - aims for stable growth and further expansion of the company. If required, the investor provides qualified management for the management; however, this is not mandatory. Experience to date has shown that the investor maintains a fair relationship with the sellers and, if necessary, the continuing managing directors.

Projektnummer: 18507

European logistics company Health Care & Life Science > EUR 10 million turnover
Strategic Investor is looking for: --- Logistics company with focus on HealthCare industry, especially on medical technology. --- Focus of logistic activity in contract logistics (Warehousing and value-added services) --- Companies with location (s) in Europe, preferably Germany, Belgium and / or Netherlands. --- Turnover of the company EUR 10-70 million p.a. (possibly also several smaller acquisitions or partial purchase of a larger organization).

Projektnummer: 18488

Moldmakers and toolmakers
Various Chinese mold and tool manufacturers are looking for suitable companies in Germany to purchase, participation or cooperation. Joint market development in Germany and/or China via Joint Ventures is possible as well as vice versa participation in the respective Chinese companies.

Projektnummer: 18481

Pump manufacturer wanted
Internationally oriented pump manufacturer is looking for acquisitions.

Projektnummer: 17478

Manufacturer or Wholesale Distributor of Swimming Pool Products in Western Europe
Manufacturer or Wholesale Distributor of An US manufacturer, wholesale distributor and global exporter of swimming pool (not spa) products is very interested in acquiring a profitable manufacturer or wholesale distributor company in Western Europe. Focus is on swimming pool builders, retail pool stores, and pool service companies The preferred location would be France.

Projektnummer: 17473

South Korean food company with European Growth Strategy: Sector acquisitions up to 90 m EUR
Food producer for yogurt, pasta, etc. is looking for companies throughout the food sector in DE and EU up to 100 m US$/ 90 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 15454

South Korean manufacturer: Automotive Suppliers 9 m EUR
Search for German or European company from the automotive suppliers industry as a JV or acquisition. Purchase price: 7,5 - 9 m EUR.

Projektnummer: 15453

SW Company: Digital Time Attendance in DACH region
Internat. Buyer is looking for SW Company in digital Time Attendance (schedule management, tracking and control of activities, etc.) and process analysis of corporate data. Germany or DACH region.

Projektnummer: 15450

Chinese Heat Treater looks for German acquisition or JV
Market leader with 7 Heat Treaters in 7 regions in China seeks a partnership with a German Heat Treater. Possible ways: equity investment, acquisition, joint venture in China or the purchase of technology.

Projektnummer: 14436

Wind parks in D, F, GB: approx. 6 MW to 20 MW
Wind parks completed or nearly completed in Germany and in France or England with excellent wind favorable location are sought by European investor specialized in renewable energies. Volume: 2 - 10 units with approx. 6 MW to 20 MW.

Projektnummer: 11406

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Successor wanted - By using authentic case studies Dr. Hartmut Schneider shows in this easy-to-understand practical guide to entrepreneurs and successors in SMEs how successions can succeed. Practical and helpful are recommendations for action and a toolbox with company check, delivery schedule, checklists as well as dos & don'ts.

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News from our company

  • Transeo General Assembly in Barcelona on 12-14 June 2019

    Transeo General Assembly in Barcelona on 12-14 June 2019

    Transeo General Assembly in Barcelona on 12-14 June 2019 + Working Groups on “European Business Transfer Market Places” and “European Business Transfer Ecosystems”.


  • Next Transeo Summit & General Assembly in Barcelona

    Next Transeo Summit & General Assembly in Barcelona

    Wednesday 12th June, Thursday 13th June and Friday 14th June – Barcelona, Spain. Working group meetings & networking moments of TRANSEO association for European SME Transfer. Ask for more information and invitation.


  • Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Bahrain

    Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Bahrain

    Dr. Schneider was speaker at GEC Bahrain 2019 with the lecture: Buyout Entrepreneurship and M&A: Key Drivers of Growth.


  • Growth of competence through expansion of our advisory network

    Growth of competence through expansion of our advisory network

    With i.a. Rainer Schwöbel and Jochen Mayer and further consultants with different core competencies we expanded the network of experts of M & A Strategie GmbH and expands its own consulting competence.


  • Traffic safety - protection and guidance systems Traffic routes

    Traffic safety - protection and guidance systems Traffic routes

    Transaction: The technical infrastructure service provider for the planning, development, assembly, maintenance and repair of protection and control systems for motorways, federal and state roads in the turnover category 10 - 20 m EUR was sold to a fund company. This fund uses the company as a platform for further continuous expansion and growth.


  • Industrial flooring manufacturer

    Industrial flooring manufacturer

    Transaction: The highly profitable specialist and complete supplier of concrete floor technology was sold by way of age succession with a transfer accompanied by the seller, transferring all customer contacts to a suitable successor.


  • Successor wanted

    Successor wanted

    By using authentic case studies Dr. Hartmut Schneider shows in this easy-to-understand practical guide to entrepreneurs and successors in SMEs how successions can succeed. Practical and helpful are recommendations for action and a toolbox with company check, delivery schedule, checklists as well as dos & don'ts.


  • M & A Strategie GmbH joins BMA

    M & A Strategie GmbH joins BMA

    M & A Strategie GmbH joins as member the renowned Bundesverband Mergers & Acquisitions (German Federal Association of Mergers & Acquisitions): www.bm-a.de.


  • 12 th M&A International Lawyers Conference in Milan

    12 th M&A International Lawyers Conference in Milan

    The 12th M&A International Lawyers Conference with participation of Dr. Schneider took place from 21st to 23rd October 2016 and was perfectly organized by our cooperation partner RWP, Düsseldorf together with PALMER, Studio Legale in Milan.


  • 15th company anniversary M & A Strategie GmbH

    15th company anniversary M & A Strategie GmbH

    M & A Strategie GmbH celebrated its 15th company anniversary with invited guests and presented its new strong network. Many congratulatory messages and letters had been received, important company highlights were illuminated and the future development steps were outlined.


  • Transeo SME Summit 24./25. May 2016, Cologne - Dr. Schneider Welcome Speech

    Transeo SME Summit 24./25. May 2016, Cologne - Dr. Schneider Welcome Speech

    Dr. Schneider, Managing Partner of M & A Strategie GmbH and Board member of the European Association Transeo brought this year's Transeo Summit to Cologne, where he gave a part of the opening address. Topic of this summit was: The importance of emotions and human aspects in the success of business transfers.


  • Entrepreneur's Day in Ulm

    Entrepreneur's Day in Ulm

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Schallmo and Dr. Hartmut Schneider held a lecture on the Entrepreneur's Day in Ulm to an audience of more than 50 participants: "How to achieve better corporate sale prices. Increase the value of your company sustainably (not only) before your business sale."


  • Growth of competence through expansion of our advisory network

    Growth of competence through expansion of our advisory network

    With i.a. Stephan Werhahn, Gangolf Walter, Dr. Jimin He and further consultants with different core competencies we expanded the network of experts of M & A Strategie GmbH. Congratulations to our partner Dr. Daniel Schallmo, who was appointed "Professor" by the university of Ulm in March.


  • Free Entrepreneur's Phone

    Free "Entrepreneur's Phone"

    Every 1st Friday of each month at 4 p.m. we will answer your questions about business succession discrete and for free and have set up for this purpose an "Entrepreneur's Phone" with the number +49 731 1597 9338.


  • On Youtube we present our new film: M & A Strategie GmbH Presentation EN.


  • Das Team der M & A STRATEGIE GmbH

    Gründung Beraternetzwerk der M & A Strategie GmbH

    Das Beraternetzwerk der M & A Strategie GmbH konstituiert sich mit ausgewählten und im Mittelstand sehr erfahrenen Partnern auf verschiedenen Kompetenzfeldern. Neben der Transaktionsbegleitung bei Unternehmenskäufen und -verkäufen etabliert die M & A Strategie GmbH ein eigens dazu entwickeltes Beratungskonzept für die Begleitung vor und nach Unternehmenstransaktionen. Der Bereich Pre M & A soll gezielt das Unternehmen übergabereif machen; der Bereich Post M & A soll die Integration bei Unternehmenskäufen und Zusammenschlüssen begleiten und angestrebte Synergien tatsächlich heben helfen.


  • TRANSEO: European Association for SME Transfer

    Transeo SME Summit 2016 in Köln

    Dr. Schneider, seit 2013 Board Member beim europäischen Verband für die Übertragung von KMU-Unternehmen Transeo konnte den nächsten Transeo SME Summit 2016 nach Köln und damit erstmals nach Deutschland holen. Eine gute Gelegenheit für deutsche Teilnehmer sich einen Überblick über die Tätigkeit des Verbandes zu verschaffen. Sprechen Sie uns hierzu gerne an.


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